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Disinfecting, Office Cleaning, and So Much More!

Disinfecting, Office Cleaning, and So Much More!

Disinfecting, Office Cleaning, and So Much More!

Janitorial Services in Central NY

Located in Syracuse, NY, our team at Brophy Services, Inc., value long term partnerships and “win-win” solutions for our clients. Only through connecting with our clients and building a relationship with them are we best able to provide innovative and custom solutions for their unique needs.

Disinfecting/Sanitizing Service

This is the root of what we do here at Brophy Services, Inc. — cleaning and disinfecting your space so you feel comfortable and safe going to work. More important than ever, operating in a clean and sanitized environment is paramount to your health. For your convenience, we offer a broad spectrum of disinfecting/sanitizing services, and we also sell our disinfectant for your personal use.

Our Disinfectant Products

Please note availability may be limited in quantities. Contact us for availability.

TB-Cide Ready to use Disinfectant

TB-Cide is a one-step cleaner and disinfectant for use in areas where infection control is of prime importance, such as offices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and more.

Effective against
TB-Cide Quat kills on hard, non-porous inanimate surfaces when allowed to remain wet for a 2-minute contact time against:

  • Human Coronavirus
  • SARS associated with Coronavirus
  • Avian Influenza A.

An excellent disinfectant for use on walls, sink tops, tables, chairs, counters, bathrooms, cabinets, and more.

Price & Ordering

  • Packaging: Quart bottles, 12 per case with 3 trigger sprayers
  • Price: $62.00 per case

TB-Cide Specifications


Efficacy Data

Disposable Wipes

When economy and function top your list of priorities, WypAll X50 Disposable Wipes are an excellent choice. It’s the respected WypAll Brand’s most economical extended use wipes, combining versatile performance with value design for light-duty tasks. HydroKnit technology keeps them strong when wet, even for multiple uses.

  • POP-UP Box format is designed for one-at-a-time dispensing convenience; each sheet measures 9.1” x 12.5” so you get a consistent cloth every time
  • Packaging: 176 wipers per box
  • Price: $7.60 per box

Our Disinfectant Services

We have become the go-to company in Central NY, for top-notch disinfecting and sanitizing services. We clean commercial office spaces, research facilities, labs, and more by applying the most effective, safest, and fast-acting disinfectant on the market.

Products We Use

TB-Cide Ready to Use Disinfectant

​TB-Cide is a one-step cleaner and disinfectant for use in offices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc., where infection control is of prime importance.

Purell Disinfectant (Concentrate)

Purell Disinfectant is a highly concentrated, broad-spectrum disinfectant that kills many tough viruses.

  • No harsh chemical fumes
  • Kills germs in 30 seconds
  • Effective against Human Coronavirus
  • Effective against SARS Associated Coronavirus


Available Testing Methods

ATP Testing Device

When dealing with a contamination or remediation issue, you need hard data to make a decision as to what products and procedures are needed.

The SystemSURE ATP Meter is a tool that helps us provide our customers with immediate feedback and decision-making capability. It allows us to:

  • Measure Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) molecules (the primary energy carrier in all living organisms on earth.)
  • Provide measurable data as to the cleanliness of a surface
  • Provide ultra-fast results

Give us a call for a proposal.

Our Services

cleaning carpet Brophy Services Inc. in Syracuse, NY

Carpet Cleaning

Thousands of allergens live in your carpets. Combine that with all types of soiled material from the bottoms of shoes and feet that can find its way into your carpet, and you’ll wish you cleaned your carpets sooner!

Our certified carpet cleaning technicians will restore your most troubled, heavily soiled, stained carpeted surfaces. How we will treat your carpet is dependent on the volume and type of traffic your carpet endures. We will happily give you a free estimate on our services and educate you on the best way to care for your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Systems We Utilize:

  • Low moisture carpet cleaning system
  • Encapsulation care method
  • Hot water carpet extraction
  • Traffic pattern rejuvenation
  • Spot and stain removal
polishing concrete Brophy Services Inc. in Syracuse, NY

Concrete Polishing

Few floors are more impressive than a professionally polished concrete floor, and when it comes to polishing and sealing, nothing is more durable. It simply outlasts all other flooring solutions. We specialize in maintaining, sealing, and restoring polished concrete floors.

Why should I polish concrete?
The primary benefit of polished concrete is the removal of excess dust and allergens in the air. As a result, comfort will be maximized, and employee sick time and HVAC maintenance costs will be reduced. Polished concrete floors also increase reflective light, reducing lighting costs in the process.

How do you maintain concrete floors?
Maintain your concrete floors by dust mopping, damp mopping, auto scrubbing, and polishing to some degree on a regular basis.

clean concrete floors in empty warehouse Brophy Services Inc. in Syracuse, NY

Floor Care

Oftentimes your flooring is one of the first impressions someone has about your space, aside from the exterior of your building. Our hard floor care combines professional assessment, training, and scheduling with advanced procedures and products to ensure your hard floors look their best and maintain their durability for the lowest possible cost.

Our goal is to develop a programmed approach to hard floor maintenance that minimizes labor and cleaning product use while maximizing the natural beauty of your floors.

Why choose Brophy Services to take care of your floors?
We have over 30 years experience providing top-quality floor finishing for every type of floor surface. We have state-of-the-art equipment and certified technicians to get the job done right!

Why maintain your floor surfaces?
When your floors look dirty, your facility looks dirty. With proper maintenance and care, your floors will look nicer and last longer, which ultimately saves you time and money.

Our specialty in floor care includes:

  • Vinyl
  • VCT
  • LVT
  • Rubber
  • Terrazzo
  • Concrete
  • Marble
cleaning bathroom urinals Brophy Services Inc. in Syracuse, NY

Touchless Restroom Cleaning

Believe it or not, how clean your bathrooms are can say a lot about your business or space. Brophy Services, Inc. offers the most comprehensive bathroom cleaning services on the market.

How Does It Work?

  • Our restroom deep cleaning service cleans and sanitizes the entire restroom.
  • A high-pressure stream of water is used to clean stubborn stains and blast any debris to the floor, cleaning under urinals and toilets in a way that most individuals cannot.
  • Every urinal, commode, sink, and even the floor is treated with an MRSA rated disinfectant cleaner, followed by a clean water rinse.
  • Water is vacuumed away along with all bacteria and soil, allowing floors to dry quickly.
  • All fixtures are blown dry, so your restroom is ready for immediate use.

The Most Effective Process to Clean the Restroom

  • Specialty chemicals
  • High-level disinfectant
  • High-pressure rinse water
  • 100% coverage
clean concrete floors in empty warehouse Brophy Services Inc. in Syracuse, NY

Office Cleaning

Having a clean and disinfected office is a must. The trickle-down effects are enormous and can’t be understated. Your employees will be healthier and happier, your clients will be more pleased, and productivity will increase when your office is properly cleaned.

We have experience in every facet of office, industrial, retail, and medical cleaning. We understand that our clients need quality cleaning performed every single time with no exception. After working with you closely, we will tailor a program to meet your unique needs. Whether it’s once a week or every day, we are here to make your life easier.


  • Nightly trash and recycling removal
  • Vacuuming of carpeted areas
  • Complete dusting and cleaning of all areas
  • Provide all soap and paper products as requested
  • Replenishment of soap and paper products
  • Proper disinfection and sanitizing of touch points
  • Floor maintenance: vacuuming, mopping, restoring, & refinishing if necessary
  • Change light bulbs and clean lighting fixtures
  • Post-construction clean-up
  • Carpet/upholstery/fabric partition cleaning
  • Polish chrome: removing hard water build-up
  • Interior/exterior glass
  • Disinfecting telephones and door handles
  • Dusting of all grills and vents
  • Day porter services
cleaning solar panels Brophy Services Inc. in Syracuse, NY

Solar Panel Cleaning

It’s imperative that you don’t forget to clean your solar panels. Solar panels get dirty just as a car windshield or office window would. You can thank Mother Nature and its elements for that!

​​How Much Electricity Do Dirty Solar Panels Lose?
When dust, bird droppings, and pollution cover your solar panel, it prevents sunlight from reaching its solar cells. The result? Up to a 25-30% loss in efficiency!

How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Solar Panels?
The amount of times we suggest you have your solar panels cleaned depends on where you live, as some areas are dustier than others, for example. In areas more prone to dust, pollution, and bird droppings, we suggest your panels be cleaned once every month. However, for the vast majority of the country, three or four times a year should suffice.

Installing a monitoring system will allow you to look for sustained periods of poor performance. This will be the biggest indicator that your panels are due for another cleaning.

clean concrete floors in empty warehouse Brophy Services Inc. in Syracuse, NY

Window Cleaning

You can rely on our unique window cleaning system to clean both inside and outside windows at your facility. We provide our window cleaning services for a wide variety of commercial buildings, as well as large office blocks, apartments, sports complexes, schools, business parks, medical complexes, and more.

How do windows get so dirty?
Over time, exterior windows become marred with dirt, pollen, rock-salt particles, and bird droppings. Interior windows develop a cloudy film due to water vapor that attracts and holds dirt particles from the air.

Why utilize us to clean your windows?
Our system utilizes purified water through a carbon fiber telescoping window cleaning pole, with no ladders or lifts required. With no health and safety risks, this is the safest and most cost-effective method of cleaning and produces excellent results.

How often do you clean your windows?
This depends on the area in which you live, as climate, weather, and surroundings all play a role in how dirty your windows get. That said, we typically advise clients to clean their interior and exterior windows once per month.

cleaning solar panels Brophy Services Inc. in Syracuse, NY

Construction Cleaning

When attention to detail is paramount, you can rely on Brophy Services, Inc.

We understand that you have invested a lot of time, money, and energy into renovating an existing facility or starting from the ground up. The final presentation is where we come in. By providing full-service clean-up, we save you time and effort while ensuring your clients are 100% satisfied with the cleanliness of the building post-construction.

A team lead will be assigned to your project and will operate as your single point of contact. Our efforts will be spent ensuring all of your needs are met, meeting, if not exceeding, your expectations.

Whether floors and carpets need finishing or windows need cleaning, we will make sure that your entire facility, both inside and out, will be spotless.

Other Services


Tile and grout cleaning/restoration


Marble and stone polishing


Light building maintenance


Pressure washing

Give us a call so we can discuss your commercial cleaning needs!

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